Frequently asked questions

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Why should I use Tweet Delete?

Tweet Delete is very useful for those who want to bulk delete tweets, cleans up the Twitter feed, avoiding you having to search for deletions one by one, saving you a great deal of time. Tweet Delete is useful if you want to clean up your history of tweets and interactions or if you want to repurpose your Twitter account (e.g., from personal to business use).

How does Tweet Delete work?

Log in to your Twitter account on your browser, open our Tweet Delete browser plugin, set the data source to be deleted (Tweets, Replies, or Likes), as well as the filtering criteria (by keywords, date and time, number of likes, or number of replies), and then you can start our automatic deletion task.

Can I recover deleted tweets?

Unfortunately, no. Once you delete a tweet (or a reply, retweet, etc.), it's gone forever, and you'll never see it again in your Twitter profile or Twitter feed. So always be careful when deleting, it's irreversible.

How safe is Tweet Delete?

Security and privacy are at the heart of our service. Your data will not be stored in our database or shared with any third parties. Any tweets you delete through our service will also be permanently deleted from your Twitter account and cannot be recovered. We comply with privacy laws (in particular GDPR and the California Privacy Act) to protect your data.

When a tweet is deleted, can it still be accessed by me or other people?

Technically, yes. If you want to view deleted tweets, you can request your Twitter profile. Twitter will then ask you to verify that you are the owner of the account and will quickly provide you with an excerpt of the Twitter data, including the deleted tweets. Deleted tweets (especially those from well-known accounts) can still be found in "archives" on the Internet. For example, Google may show tweets in its search results, or the Internet Archive may still make versions of pages available before deleting certain content. What is certain is that any tweets you delete will no longer show up in your updated Twitter profile or Twitter feed.