Bulk Delete Tweets/Replies/Likes With One Click

Let us help you clean up your Twitter feed. Use our filtering tool to find your old tweets and likes and then delete them in bulk. You can also set up timed and automated tasks for this.

Bulk Delete Tweets/Replies/Likes

Features of Tweet Delete

Bulk Tweets and Likes Delete
Delete multiple tweets and likes with the click of a button to clean up your Twitter feed.
Advanced Filtering
You can search for tweets by keywords, date and time, number of likes, and number of replies, and then delete them.
Delete Tweets From Archive
Upload your Twitter archive data files, and then search for and delete them from the archive.
Schedule and Auto-delete Tweets
Set up and run automated tasks to continuously delete your tweets and likes in the background, saving you time.

Already loved by the Twitter crowd

“If you want to clean up your Twitter profile and restore privacy. You can try Tweet Delete, which deletes your old Twitter data easily and quickly. It's just great.”


“With Tweet Delete, I batch deleted hundreds of old tweets. A huge time saver for me, so convenient.”

Leslie Alexander

“I used Tweet Delete to delete all my tweets and likes from before 2016 in one click.”

Flavio Amiel
@Flavio Amiel

“I was worried that my ex-girlfriend would go through my old tweets, but luckily I found Tweet Delete, which quickly solved my problem!”


“Tweet Delete also supports deleting tweets and likes through sophisticated search filters and timed automation, which is so sweet!”


“It would be nice to have Facebook support.”


Tweet Deleter and Twitter Account Cleaner

Step 1

Install our browser plugin

Chrome click here to install

Edge click here to install

Step 2

Sign in to your Twitter account

Sign in to your Twitter account in your browser and open our browser plugin

Step 3

Set up your deletion tasks

Use our advanced filters to search tweets and likes by date, keyword, type and more, set up your deletion tasks.

Step 4

Delete or auto-delete

Delete selected tweets or likes with one click. Or set up an automatic deletion process and let us do the work for you.